Sportster Hardtail Bobber

The Sportster Hardtail Kit transforms the American legend into a classic custom bobber.

Since it's introduction in 1957, the Sportster has become one of the longest continuously produced motorcycles in history and a platform for countless model series and custom builds. The classic V-twin has been re-discovered in recent years as a bike with infinite possibilities for customization and a blank canvas for the home builder.

The Bobber Kit was precisely engineered to integrate with the existing geometry of a Harley Sportster ('04 - '13), with no welding or fabrication required. The hardtail assembly flows seamlessly from the existing frame, providing mounting points for the custom seat, oil tank, battery box, and rear fender. Optional fuel tank, exhaust, handlebars, and accessories are available to complete the transformation.

Each component was designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for the kit. Available exclusively from RYCA, the Hardtail Bobber Kit sets a new standard for Sportster customization.

Sportster Hardtail Bobber Kit

Build your own custom motorcycle with a Sportster Hardtail Bobber Kit. The bolt-on parts are made in the USA and designed specifically for Harley Davidson Sportsters. Since no welding or fabrication is required, the project can be completed with basic tools and skills.

Fitment Guide

  • Fits Harley Sportster year models 2004-2013. (Note: If you use a 2004 model, you will need to swap the rear 3/4" axle/wheel assembly for 2005-Up 1" axle/wheel assembly.)
  • 883 and 1200 cc models are both acceptable for conversion.
  • Stock Sportster exhaust will not work with the kit.

Base Kit Includes:

  • 100% bolt-on hardtail frame assembly.
  • Battery box assembly.
  • Oil tank.
  • Solo seat.
  • Seat hinge.
  • Seat springs.
  • Rear steel fender.
  • Fender strut.
  • Chain conversion kit.
  • Hardware and supplies.

Bolt-On Hardtail Assembly
with Mounting Hardware

Battery Box Assembly

Oil Tank

Solo Seat
in Black or Brown Leather

Seat Hinge

Rear Steel Fender

Fender Strut

Chain Conversion Kit
in Black or Chrome

Seat Springs
in Black, Chrome, or Copper

Optional Glass Lens Tail Light
in Black or Chrome

Optional Fork Brace
in Black or Chrome

Optional Air Filter Assembly
by Joker MachineĀ®

Optional Aluminum Wheel Set

Optional 2-Into-1 Exhaust
in Black or Chrome

Optional Custom Tank
with Knee Cutouts

Click here to see the full list of parts, options, and upgrades.

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Does the Sportster Hardtail Bobber Kit bolt on or do I have to weld?
The Sportster kit is 100% bolt-on (including the hardtail frame) with no welding required. Cuts to the stock frame are required, but easily accomplished with an angle grinder.

What years/models of Harley Sportster will the kit work with?
The kit is designed to work with year models 2004 - 2013. If you use a 2004 model, you will need to swap the rear 3/4" axle/wheel assembly for a 1" axle/wheel assembly found on 2005 - Present models.

Does the kit work for both 883 and 1200 cc engine models?

Does the stock Sportster fuel tank work with the kit?
Yes. We also have other tank options available.

Does the stock Sportster exhaust work with the kit?
No. The stock exhaust set up will not clear the hardtail frame assembly. We have a 2-into-1 exhaust option for the kit, or you can choose another aftermarket exhaust.

What is the "bare metal" option?
There are two finish options for the kit: bare metal or black powdercoat. The bare metal option (shown below) is for those who want to do their own powdercoating and/or paint -- the hardtail frame assembly, battery box, oil tank, and fender strut will be left unfinished (without powdercoat). The rear steel fender is left unfinished for both options and will need to be painted.

What options are available for the kit?
There are many options and upgrades available for the Hardtail Kit, including tanks, exhaust, and handlebars. Options and prices can be found at the RYCA Online Store.

Do I need to send you any parts off the bike like the other Ryca kits?
No, the Sportster Hardtail kit is complete out of the box.

Is documentation included in the kit?
Yes. Build guides, videos, and tech support are provided. The build guides can be found in the Resources section of the website. Instructional videos are posted on our YouTube Channel. Please email for tech support.

Does the price include shipping?
No. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes. International customers are responsible for all shipping costs, duty/tariff fees, and import taxes. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

What tools do I need?
Other than a basic set of hand tools, an angle grinder is highly recommended for the required cuts to the frame. A Dremel tool will also work, but an angle grinder is ideal, allowing you to easily cut through the frame and smooth out the edges with a flapper disk afterwards. A basic motorcycle lift (shown below) is also recommended and can be used in the future for maintenance, etc.

Do you offer bulk/dealer discounts?
Yes, contact us for details.

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