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Ryca Motors Unveils World's First Custom Motorcycle Built with Augmented Reality

Just-launched equity crowdfunding campaign allows public to invest in RYCA’s AR platform for the powersports industry.

  • RYCA’s patent pending technology is implementing AR into the industry in a way never before seen

  • The US motorcycle industry rakes in $28B per year at a 30% profit margin on parts and accessories - RYCA’s technology will make customization easier

  • A team with a history in the industry bringing proven tech into the mix that has been featured in Jay Leno’s Garage, LA Times, & Popular Mechanics


 Los Angeles, CA - August 29, 2020

Ryca Motors, the leading manufacturer of motorcycle kits, today introduced the CS-1X, the world’s first custom bike built with augmented reality (AR). It’s the tenth anniversary edition of the bike that made RYCA famous for transforming the dorky Suzuki Savage cruiser into a show-stopping Café Racer. It was unveiled on StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding site, with limited edition CS-1X kits available as perks to early investors. The kits will ship with FantomView™, RYCA’s patent-pending app which allows users to customize their vehicles with augmented reality.

“No trend in motorcycling has been bigger than the concept of customization, and now even the major OEMs design and market their bikes as a platform for endless personalization,” said Casey Stevenson, CEO and the “CA” in RYCA. “But finding parts and accessories for a specific bike and making sure they all work together can be a major challenge since there are thousands of parts made by hundreds of manufacturers.”

Ryca’s FantomView™ app will be able to put together an entire package for customers looking for a particular style, or make real time suggestions as they customize their bike. The virtual parts simply snap into place, with no manual adjustment, and can be viewed from any angle. It all happens in real time, for a convincing blend of real and virtual.

“Augmented reality takes the guesswork out of shopping for OEM and aftermarket parts because you can see exactly how they’re going to fit and how they’re going to look before you buy them,” said Ryan Rajewski, COO and the “RY” in RYCA. “It can also be used for tech support, maintenance, and repair in ways far beyond what is possible with written manuals or videos. We’re convinced it’s the future of parts, sales, and service.”

Funds from the crowdfunding campaign will allow RYCA to develop FantomView™ into a fully-featured AR platform for the multi-billion dollar powersports industry, with individually tailored solutions for dealerships, manufacturers, and retailers. Augmented Reality is second on Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, with 100 million consumers estimated to be shopping in AR online and in-store. 

For more information, visit Ryca Motors on StartEngine or at

About Ryca Motors

After working together in the music industry in Los Angeles, Casey Stevenson and Ryan Rajewski launched their motorcycle kit business in 2010, helping thousands of DIY garage-builders around the world create their dream bikes with basic tools. Together with Yohan Baillot, a pioneer in the field of augmented reality, they are using the massive potential of AR to revolutionize the powersports aftermarket industry. 

Casey Stevenson, CEO