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Show your customers all of the options that are available to them while shopping for a new vehicle, presented right on the showroom floor.
✔️ Create amazing, interactive showroom displays.
✔️ Boost accessory sales.
✔️ Reduce the need for a full inventory of vehicles and parts.
✔️ Upsell parts & accessories on new vehicle sales.

Quickly prototype new aftermarket parts, visualizing them on actual vehicles before committing to the time and expense of fabrication.
✔️ Design parts more efficiently.
✔️ Create 3D installation guides.
✔️ Go “beyond the computer” and see your designs in real-world context.
✔️ Create a virtual catalog for marketing and sales.

A virtual catalog of your parts and accessories can be “installed” in every size, color, and finish option on a wide range of vehicles.
✔️ AR drives an extraordinary 11-times uplift for ecommerce sales.
✔️ Reduce returns due to fitment issues.
✔️ Provide next-level tech support.
✔️ Customers can view your parts in AR while shopping on your website.
Color & finish options
Wheel configurator
Labels & assembly guides
Interior / upholstery
Window tint
XRAY Vision
Exploded views
Sales & marketing
Design & prototyping
Find out more about the FantomView pilot program
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