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"AR makes a lot of sense in the custom world. And if RYCA pull it off, it could change the way we modify motorcycles for ever."
"With manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield relying more and more on technology in the face of COVID-19, it seems like RYCA is staying ahead of the café racer and technology curve with the CS-1X and FantomView."
"With the development of their proprietary FantomView software, they’re bringing augmented reality (AR) to the motorcycle customization scene."
"Owners can select from a variety of custom parts and watch as each selected component automatically snaps to place on their tasty cafe racer."
"The world’s first custom motorcycle designed in Augmented Reality (AR). Meet the CS-1X." 
"Founders of RYCA Casey Stevenson and Ryan Rajewski are fans of augmented reality and plan big for the future."
"This allows for very efficient prototyping, and data from the AR previews can be applied to CAD programs if measurement capture is also built into the AR."
Jay Leno gives a full ride review of the CS-1 Cafe Racer.
The Los Angeles Times takes the CS-1 for a spin.
Robert Pandya documents his RYCA build in Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine.
"It's the perfect cafe custom kit for the times, an antidote to a world of mass-produced sameness. Is it exotic? No. A masterpiece? Yes."
"On the street, the RYCA turns heads in a way that mass-produced machines do not. It's striking and original, with its own aura of a classic thumper mixed with new-millenium chic."
"From the lowest rung on Suzuki's cruiser ladder to the pinnacle of cafe racer cool."
"This custom cafe racer bike puts the 'thump' in thumper, and appeals to anyone who wants to get his hands dirty building it."
"The RYCA feels tight and tiny, a natural for in-city commuting and short-haul cafe hopping."
"Looking good from either side, the RYCA is major bang for the buck."
"It may only feel like you're being surveilled and interrogated everywhere you go when you're riding a RYCA, but you can't deny the cost-effective cafe racer's curb appeal."